Why You Should Buy a 2020 Ford Model in 2021

Why You Should Buy A 2020 Ford Model in 2021 | Sauk City, WI

Every fall, carmakers around the globe start releasing their next model-year vehicles, and Ford is no different. Because of the influx of 2021 Ford models this year, now is the time to consider buying a 2020 Ford – but why? Here are some of the reasons why you should buy last year’s model in 2021.

You can save money

With the influx of 2021 models, you will find that some dealers will offer the 2020 versions at a discounted price, which is great news for your wallet. A 2020 model will also still come with a full warranty, which will likely cover any repair or maintenance expenses you come across within the first few years of ownership.

You will be able to read more reviews

A 2020 model has already been on the market for a year. This means that its details are well known, and that you will likely find multiple reviews of the vehicle that will allow you to thoroughly research which option is right for your needs.

You’re still getting a brand-new Ford

Just because you’re purchasing last year’s model, doesn’t mean your vehicle won’t be brand new. If you buy a 2020 Ford from us at Courtesy Ford, you will still be receiving a vehicle that hasn’t been owned previously – that means you will have the peace of mind that comes with getting a ride that hasn’t been driven before.

 Test drive our lineup of previous-year models today when you visit Courtesy Ford of Sauk City.

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