3 Reasons to Bring Your Commercial Truck to the Service Center

3 Reasons to Bring Your Commercial Truck to the Service Center | Sauk City, WI

Your commercial truck goes through a lot as it carries you and all your gear around town. All of that work lends itself to the occasional dent or scratch on your vehicle’s exterior. While you might think fixing those imperfections shouldn’t be high on your list of priorities, here are three reasons why you should visit our service center sooner rather than later.

Look the part

If you’re in the service industry, your commercial truck might be your client’s first impression of your business. This could be as it pulls up in front of their home or driving around town. When your truck is covered in dings and scratches — and perhaps a little bit of the resulting rust from not repairing the issue — your new business contacts might get the wrong impression.

Keep the value

Trucks, including commercial trucks, hold on to their value better than other vehicles. However, exterior body issues can bring down the amount of money you can ask for when it’s time to sell your commercial truck. These issues make a truck look poorly cared for and a buyer might ask themselves what other maintenance tasks you neglected when it was on the job.

Stay safe

Some marks on your truck are purely cosmetic, but others can affect your commercial truck’s ability to protect you. For example, a damaged bumper might not be able to properly absorb a blow if you’re in an accident.

If your work truck looks a bit worse for the wear, contact our service center at Courtesy Ford of Sauk City, Wisconsin. We’ll be more than happy to get it back in shape.

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