Ford is Bringing Back the Classic F-150 “Lightning” All-Electric Truck

Ford is Bringing Back the Classic F-150 “Lightning” All-Electric Truck | Sauk City, WI

The 2022 model year will see the release of the Ford F-150 Lightning, the new all-electric full-size pickup truck from Ford that shares its name with a truck from the early 1990s. Sharing capabilities and technology with the gas-powered F-150, the F-150 Lightning provides the big performance drivers need as well as zero-emission clean energy.

The F-150 Lightning will deliver incredible driving range on one charge, with an estimated 230 miles with the base battery. You can also upgrade to a stronger battery that can go about 300 miles. Ford has made sure electricity to the F-150 Lightning is just as reliable as gas power, with a home charging system and a backup generator in the F-150 if the power grid is down. You can even use the F-150 Lightning’s generator to power your home in the event of an outage.

There’s more to the F-150 Lightning than being gas-free, though. It will come with two motors and standard 4×4 for outstanding performance on any terrain as well as huge torque for all your towing and hauling needs.

The new truck is also loaded with smart technology. The F-150 Lightning will be available with a 15.5-inch portrait touchscreen and SYNC® 4A. This system comes with advanced voice recognition technology as well as quick and easy access to camera views, driver-assist and towing features, and more.

For more details about this exciting new truck or how you can reserve one, contact our team at Courtesy Ford of Sauk City.

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